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Emanuel Congregation was founded in 1968, when Seattle's traditional Jewish core left the central city for the suburbs. Today it is a small, open community of about 85 members, welcoming all worshippers, regardless of background, and encouraging new members and leadership. Guests are always welcome on Shabbat and holidays.

The North End of Seattle is home to a rich array of Jewish life and community spaces, by far the most diverse cross-section of Jewish Seattle, including many families and singles of all ages and backgrounds.


Family, $500

Individual, $400


SCHEDULE: 2022/5782


The Board of Governors decided that if you are fully vaccinated for Covid 19, you do not need to wear a mask. For adults not fully vaccinated, masks and isolation in either the men's or women's seating areas is absolutely obligatory. Children over the age of two should also mask up. Those not complying with these safety measures will be asked to leave. We do not want anyone getting sick.

The following presents the list of all Shabbatot and Yomim Tovim as available for 5782 with their respective parshiot. However, for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, as long as the State-mandated restrictions regarding mask-wearing, social distancing and group size remain in force, we will only be holding Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) services which begin at 6:30 PM on the first and third Fridays of each month, providing minimal exposure by the brevity of this service.

To enable compliance with group size limitations, advance reservations will be required. Jane Joselow is the point of contact. Contact Jane Joselow by emailing Janeaj@hotmail.com.

As the local health situation improves and member commitment warrants, the Emanuel Congregation Board of Governors may authorize the resumption of Shabbat and Yom Tov morning services which would begin at 9:30 AM. Schedule changes will be communicated via the newsletter (e-mail) as well as updates to this web site.

Dec. 31 - Shabbos -9:30AM


Jan. 14 -Shabbos - 9:30 AM

Jan. 14 -Shabbos - 9:30 AM

Feb. 18 Shabbos - 9:30 AM ( Jane and Gary will possibly be at a bat mitzvah in NY on the 11th)

Feb. 25 - Shabbos -9:30 AM (possible bat mitzvah)

Mar. 6 - Erev Purim - 7:30 PM

Mar. 11 - Shabbos - 9:30 AM

Mar. 25 - Shabbos - 9:30 Am

Apr. 8 - Shabbos - Chol Ha Moed Pesach - 9:30 AM

April 13 - Thursday - 8th day Pesach - (Yizkor) 9:30 AM

April 22 - Shabbos - 9:30 AM

Emanuel Congregation

3412 NE 65th St
Seattle, WA  98115
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Original stained glass by Emanuel member Nancy Current